For Buyers

Why work with a Premier Seaside Group buyer’s agent?

Buying a waterfront property is vastly different that searching for a traditional Florida Home. Other factors come into play that your agent should know about. Whether it is knowledge of seawalls and docks, Gulf Access and no-wake zones, beach access and pet restrictions, you need an expert to help you navigate you to your new perfect home.

  1. We employ dedicated experts that specialize in waterfront properties.
  2. We represent you and only you, always having your best interests in mind.
  3. We are Expert Negotiators.
  4. We know how to formulate offers in order to protect our buyers.

Being represented by a top buyer’s agent is critical to your success in finding your new home. Working with a buyer’s agent is of no cost to you. Since that is the case, why not work with one of the best in the field? PSG is an affiliate of Coastal Properties Group International which has outsold 99.9% of agents along the Pinellas Gulf Coast and is ready to put that expertise to work for you. Take advantage of the benefits that come from being represented by a market leader.

What we do for our buyer clients:

Once we fully understand the criteria for your new home, we are fanatical about finding the perfect match.

One of the primary benefits of using our services is that our experts are well connected to the area they represent and hear about listings right when they come on the market. In fact, we often know about them even before they’re on the market. And that’s just the first step.

When we work for you, we will:

  • Save you time by constantly searching the market for homes that meet your criteria.
  • E-mail your specific home requirements to top-producing agents in your desired purchase area, so they are aware that we have a qualified purchaser for their future listings.
  • Provide you with premier access to online property search tools that enable you to search and view detailed information on properties with the same level of access a realtor has. 
  • Tour homes with you and provide comparative analysis. We also refer you to other experts such as home inspectors, appraisers and attorneys who can provide more in-depth analysis and advice.
  • Help you explore financing options and, if required, refer you to top mortgage professionals, so you can institute the best possible option that fits your specific situation.
  • Consultation in relation to your written offer to purchase a home, with all terms approved by you.
  • Provide Expert Negotiation geared toward achieving the best possible price and terms for you. We take care of all the documentation details and keep you fully informed about all activities that lead to the transaction closing. 
  • Assist you, if necessary, in finding any home-related services you need post-closing. 
  • Educate you about market values and trends, home construction quality and codes, equity potential, financing options and more, so you can make the most informed decisions possible. 

You’ll have the benefit of our extensive professional network, developed through years of experience. 

In short, we help you every step of the way to ensure that everything’s signed, sealed and delivered on closing day.

Expert Negotiators

Having an expert negotiator on your side is the key to achieving the desired results in your real estate transaction. On the buy side, the outcome should be purchasing your property at the lowest possible price with the most favorable terms. On the sell side, you want to maximize your net proceeds on the most favorable terms. Successful negotiations do not happen by accident. See what we do at Premier Seaside Group to ensure that your transaction makes it all the way to the closing table.

Keys to Successful Negotiation

Experience and Knowledge – The fact is that with anything in life, the more you practice, the better you become. The same holds true for the art of negotiation. Nothing replaces experience. Since most of the agents that are on the PSG team come out of Corporate America, we have successfully negotiated thousands of contracts — both real estate and corporate. 

Hard work and preparation – Being a successful negotiator takes hard work. Many agents enter a negotiation without having done the required work and then wonder why the transaction fails. At PSG, we take the extra steps (work) that most agents won’t, including exhaustive research on comparable properties, taxes, insurance, property deficiencies, etc. This, in turn, allows us to put together strong offers for our buyers that can be substantiated throughout the negotiation process. The same holds true for our sellers. We do comprehensive research on their property, and competing properties, in order to validate and defend our client’s asking price. 

Know your opponent – At PSG, we want to know who we are dealing with on the other end of the transaction and understand their motivations. Based on the facts, we adjust our negotiation strategy accordingly. Different negotiation strategies must be used for the buyer who must have your home due to its size and school district, versus a buyer who likes the general area. At PSG, we have the experience necessary to adjust the negotiation strategy on a case-by-case basis in order to meet our client’s needs and reach a successful outcome.

Patience & Discipline – To get the best deal in a successful negotiation, patience and discipline are critical. Far too many agents want to get the deal done in order to earn their commission. And, many buyers and sellers become impatient because they fall in love with a property or just want to get their property sold at any price. At PSG, we help our clients work through the emotional aspects of the purchase or sale, because we are committed to achieving what is in their best interests while reaching the best possible result for their situation. 

Remember Negotiation is an art not a science! Make sure you are represented by an expert.