For Sellers

Why Premier Seaside Group?

You have one opportunity to select the right listing agent to get your property sold quickly and at the right price. Often, sellers list their property with the agent who recommends the highest selling price, only to find out six months later that the listing was overpriced and not property promoted and marketed. Our statistics speak for themselves: The average agent in Pinellas County has a 7% chance of finding his own buyer. In other words, of the properties that do sell, 93% are sold by other agents through the MLS. Our group’s track record for procuring the buyer is over 35%. Simply put, our sales and marketing strategies are effective, and we work our listings rather than just stick them in the MLS and hope someone else happens to find a buyer from them.
By working with PSG, you will dramatically increase your chances of selling in a timely manner as a result of the well-crafted marketing strategy we put in place. We do not use cookie-cutter marketing programs provided by a national brokerage. Instead, we have achieved an unusually high level of success in selling our listings because we know how to tailor plans designed to sell Intracoastal waterfront homes and Gulf front beach condos.


So, why select Premier Seaside Group to sell your home?

  • Our expert agents will ensure the property is priced correctly the first time, in order to secure a timely sale.
  • PSG develops a Custom Marketing Program for your property to gain maximum “relevant” exposure for the listing.
  • We contact you regularly with updates to keep you informed about changing market trends and discuss strategy adjustments along the way.
  • We are an experienced team with specialties in waterfront property types.
  • We answer all calls and e-mails expeditiously. 
  • We have a robust technology platform that tracks every inquiry for your property, helping to ensure that we follow up within minutes, not hours or days.
  • We provide a pre-listing repair and staging consultation so your property looks its best once we begin marketing it.
  • We are a team of focused, professional and driven agents with dedicated support staff that will get your property sold!


Unique Marketing

The key to selling your property is having an effective marketing plan in order to reach a critical mass of potential buyers. At PSG, we have over twenty years of marketing experience. We develop a custom marketing plan for each property we list– since a waterfront home or a beach condo’s target audience clearly differs from a traditional Florida home. As a first step in working with you, we evaluate your property. Then we work with you to outline an unparalleled range of services and strategies designed to promote it, such as:

Phone/Text Marketing

  • We always answer! Our call-in number routes calls to available expert agents, ensuring we don’t miss a potential buyer for your property. Automated Text Message capabilities are used so buyers can receive on-demand details about your property via their cell phone. 
  • Broadcast text messaging alerts go to our subscribers to announce new property listings.

Web/E-mail Marketing

  • Custom property Web site ( and/or a featured listing on a condo/townhome community site.
  • Continuous investment into an Internet presence that generates thousands of views by “relevant” buyers.
  • Premier Presence on with upgraded Showcase listings, including enhanced description, Professional Photo gallery, property video and a direct link to the property’s Web site with even more information. receives 11 million unique visitors monthly and more than 50% of all U.S. real estate traffic.

Online advertising

  • On 900 domestic and international real estate classified Web sites, including top rankings on, as well as,,,,,, Yahoo! Classifieds,,,,, (HGTV),, and many more.
  • Listed on 2 International MLS systems and translated into 17 languages

We speak your language:

  • Our agents and affiliate agents speak, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

Exclusive featured Property presence

  • Custom websites including pictures and video. 
  • Registration with major search engines through the specific property Web site and agent Web sites, promoting top placement for your listing. 
  • PSG dedicated Web team on staff to promote your property all over the Internet. Since 90% of all property searches begin online, this is critical!

eMail Marketing

  • Campaigns to top area agents personally introducing them to your property. eMail ad-campaigns to thousands of PSG clients and prospects.

Print marketing

  • Consistent Direct Mail campaigns to announce your new listing to area residents and the PSG database of buyers. 
  • Featured listing status in our monthly newsletter sent to PSG buyers and clients.
  • Information sheets designed and distributed to open house attendees.
  • Local newspaper and home magazine advertising where appropriate.

Open Houses

  • Broker’s open houses when we invite top area agents to preview your home.
  • Periodic open houses for the public.

Other Marketing

  • Listing sign on property with custom Web site, URL and rider for property (when applicable).
  • Property details listed in Multiple Listing Service (MLS) used by 7000+ agents to find properties for their buyers.
  • Cross-selling opportunities from nearby listings, in-house and co-agent listings.

Other qualifications

  • Property representation by multi-million-dollar producers
  • Trained and certified Accredited Staging Professionals on staff to help make your property look its very best. 
  • Educated and qualified short sale Advisors and Administrators.

Most importantly, you will hear from us! We understand that sellers expect to hear from their realtor. No exceptions. We are proud of all of the marketing we offer our clients, so we want to review its effectiveness regularly with you.


Expert Negotiators

Having an expert negotiator on your side is the key to achieving the desired results in your real estate transaction. On the buy side, the outcome should be purchasing your property at the lowest possible price with the most favorable terms. On the sell side, you want to maximize your net proceeds on the most favorable terms. Successful negotiations do not happen by accident. See what we do at Premier Seaside Group to ensure that your transaction makes it all the way to the closing table.

Keys to Successful Negotiation

Experience and Knowledge – The fact is that with anything in life, the more you practice, the better you become. The same holds true for the art of negotiation. Nothing replaces experience. Since most of the agents that are on the PSG team come out of Corporate America, we have successfully negotiated thousands of contracts — both real estate and corporate.
Hard work and preparation – Being a successful negotiator takes hard work. Many agents enter a negotiation without having done the required work and then wonder why the transaction fails. At PSG, we take the extra steps (work) that most agents won’t, including exhaustive research on comparable properties, taxes, insurance, property deficiencies, etc. This, in turn, allows us to put together strong offers for our buyers that can be substantiated throughout the negotiation process. The same holds true for our sellers. We do comprehensive research on their property, and competing properties, in order to validate and defend our client’s asking price.
Know your opponent – At PSG, we want to know who we are dealing with on the other end of the transaction and understand their motivations. Based on the facts, we adjust our negotiation strategy accordingly. Different negotiation strategies must be used for the buyer who must have your home due to its size and school district, versus a buyer who likes the general area. At PSG, we have the experience necessary to adjust the negotiation strategy on a case-by-case basis in order to meet our client’s needs and reach a successful outcome.
Patience & Discipline – To get the best deal in a successful negotiation, patience and discipline are critical. Far too many agents want to get the deal done in order to earn their commission. And, many buyers and sellers become impatient because they fall in love with a property or just want to get their property sold at any price. At PSG, we help our clients work through the emotional aspects of the purchase or sale, because we are committed to achieving what is in their best interests while reaching the best possible result for their situation.
Remember Negotiation is an art not a science! Make sure you are represented by an expert.